Meeting Times

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Sunday, November 30

Brad McFaul will join us Sunday to finish our study of Philippians, with chapter four.

Sunday, November 23

Nathaniel Hill continued our study of Philippians, with chapter three.

Sunday, November 16

We were glad to see Tom Cornett on Sunday, and hear from him about the second chapter of Philippians.

Sunday, November 9 2014

Dale Morgan continued our Philippians series with the second half of Philippians chapter one.


Sunday, November 2

We spent November studying the epistle to the Philippians, one of the most encouraging letters in the New Testament. Brian Mahoney began with the first twenty verses of chapter one.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Sunday, October 26

Wrapping up our topic of "Why?", Daryl Brooks presented: "Why Doesn't God Fix The World?"

Sunday, October 19

Continuing our theme of "Why?", Brent Steel presented: "Why Does God Allow Evil?"