Meeting Times

Sunday AM classes: 10:00 | Sunday AM service: 11:00 | Sunday PM service: 6:00 | Wednesday evening service: 7:00

Sunday, October 26

Wrapping up our topic of "Why?", Daryl Brooks will be here next week to present, "Why Doesn't God Fix The World?"

Sunday, October 19

Continuing our theme of "Why?", next week Brent Steel will be here to present "Why Does God Allow Evil?"

Sunday, October 12

Echoing Dale's lesson last week, this Sunday Nathaniel Hill talked to us about another confusing fact of life: "Why Do Good Things Happen To Bad People?"

Sunday, October 5

Life doesn't always go as it seems like it should.  Dale Morgan spoke to us on "Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?"

Sunday, September 28

Next Sunday, we will wrap up our look at evangelism with one last lesson from Jay Tyler.

Sunday, September 21

Jay Tyler was back for a second sermon on church evangelism.  Listen to present a welcoming face to visitors!

Sunday, September 14

Brad McFaul gave us an excellent sermon on sharing the gospel.  Followed by a great time of food and fellowship!