Meeting Times

Sunday AM classes: 10:00 | Sunday AM service: 11:00 | Sunday PM service: 6:00 | Wednesday evening service: 7:00

Sunday, May 24

Brent Steel will be here next Sunday, to preach the second Beatitudes sermon to us.

Sunday, May 17

Next Sunday Dale Morgan will be back, to preach the first of a three-part series on the Beatitudes.  Welcome back, Dale!

Sunday, May 10

Brad McFaul will join us Sunday to help us celebrate Mother's Day, and to finish up the Christian virtues series with a look at faith, in Timothy's mother and grandmother.

Sunday, May 3

Tom Cornett preached the last of our Christian Virtues series, on hospitality, as show by Gaius in Third John.

Sunday, April 26

We continued to look at some neglected Christian workers, as Jay Tyler spoke to us about Dorcas, the helper of the church.

Sunday, April 19

Sunday we started a new series on some less-noticed Christian virtues, starting with Barnabas, the Son of Encouragement.  Presented by Brian Mahoney.

Sunday, April 12

Dale Morgan did a fine job presenting: "Nicodemus: Man of God" to us on Sunday.  If you missed potluck, come back on the next second Sunday for another round of great food!