Meeting Times

Sunday AM classes: 10:00 | Sunday AM service: 11:00 | Sunday PM service: 6:00 | Wednesday evening service: 7:00

Sunday, August 9

Next Sunday Dale Morgan will be back with us, preaching the follow up to yesterday's sermon on hell: "What Is Heaven?"

Sunday, August 2

Next Sunday, Jay Tyler will be here again, this time preaching for us on "What Is Hell?"

Sunday, July 26

Today we enjoyed Brian Mahoney, as he preached on "What Happens After Death?"

Come back next week to hear Jay Tyler speak about what the Bible really says about hell!

Sunday, July 19

Tomorrow we will welcome Tom Cornett back, with a lesson on "What Does Forgiveness Mean?"

Sunday, June 28

Next Sunday Brent Steel will be here, preaching on...preaching in worship!

Sunday, June 21

Join us tomorrow as Dale Morgan takes us through the reading of Scripture in worship.

Sunday, June 14

Jay Tyler presented "Singing Together." Listen for an explanation of why singing is so important to a congregation!