Meeting Times

Sunday AM classes: 10:00 | Sunday AM service: 11:00 | Sunday PM service: 6:00 | Wednesday evening service: 7:00

Sunday, January 24

Brent Steel preached for us on the activities of Jesus: even his ministry was pre-planned by God.

Sunday, January 17

Tom Cornett spoke to us about the birthplace and hometown of the promised Messiah.

Sunday, January 3

Tom Cornett started 2016 for us with "Prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament" as we get ready for Easter.

Sunday, December 27

Ben Baker finished out 2015 with "Prophecies of Christ to David". Thanks, Ben!


Sunday, December 20

We enjoyed hearing Dale Morgan on "Christ Is Our Passover."

Sunday, November 15

Brian Mahoney spoke to us, preaching on "Thy Will Be Done"


Sunday, November 8

Dale Morgan was with us this Sunday, for a lesson on "This World Is Not My Home"